Just Some Pictures of past van life travels. The Journey continues! See you down the road.

Home is where you park it!


Just an average person that likes tech. I have many interests from VR, Video Games (RTX 3090), Quantum Computing, Artificial Intelligence. I have been a computer Tech since I was 12 years, and hand soldered a HeathKit H8 computer I purchased from mowing lawns. Ever since then, I have had many PC’s in my life, From the Commodore Pet, Timex Sinclair, Apple ///, Apple ][, and 2e, from the Mac 128 to the Fat mac 512. Commodore Amiga, Lisa, To high end PC’s like the AMD Thread Rippers and RTX 3090 Video Cards.

If your into AI, I encourage you to read this book!


Ordinarily he was insane, but he had lucid moments when he was merely stupid.


This page is a work in progress. Eric is Eric L P my middle name and last name. I’ve owned this domain forever and pretty much remained anonymous.